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Sakari Gin

The Japanese Craft Gin with a Sake Soul

A new premium gin rises from the land of sake.

Distilling 130 years of brewing tradition, Sakari Gin brings together the distinctive flavor of sake and the aromas of selected Japanese botanicals, for a perfect tasting experience in a 700ml bottle.

Sakari Gin is naturally vegetarian, gluten-free and preservatives-free. With a 41% alc. content, it can be enjoyed pure or mixed in cocktails.


Our secrets to a sake-inspired gin

How do you bring the rich flavors and aromas of sake to the world of gin? With two special ingredients that come from the long tradition and practice of sake brewing.

Sake Kasu (Sake Cake)

The paste that is left after squeezing rice for sake is called “sake kasu” (sake cake), and it’s still a very precious ingredient. In fact, we use it to distill the alcohol that is used as a base for Sakari Gin. A flavorful and sustainable choice!

Sugi (Japanese Cedar)

Traditionally used to make barrels for sake, Sugi is the main botanical in Sakari Gin. This monumental conifer is the national tree of Japan, often planted around temples and shrines. We use sugi remains obtained during the production of actual sake barrels.

Japanese botanicals for a uniquely local flavor

Sake kasu and Sugi are not the only Japanese ingredients that make Sakari Gin unique.

We selected a wealth of local botanicals that express our traditional bond with nature and will make your drinking experience unforgettable.

Our only non-local ingredient is juniper berries, essential for a gin.

Sansho (Japanese Pepper)

This lemony and subtly spicy pepper is locally grown in our region (Hyogo) and it’s a staple of Japanese cuisine, traditionally used to season broiled eels or as a part of the sichimi togarashi spice blend.

Shiso (Japanese Perilla)

This herb, that belongs to the family of mints, is widely used in Japan as a condiment for sashimi, tataki or as a garnish for noodles. It’s also known as Japanese Basil.

Hinoki (Japanese Cypress)

A beautiful tree, hinoki is often planted in Japan for ornamental use or employed for the quality of its timber. Like Sugi, hinoki has a lemon scent, but with a spicy note.

Yuzu Juice

This very aromatic and appreciated Japanese citrus - used both in cooking and drinks - adds a special touch to our gin. We only use the best yuzus from all of Japan.

Sakura Flower (Cherry Tree Petals)

If you visit Nishinomiya - our hometown - in spring, you will be amazed by the blossoming cherry trees lining the Shukagawa River. You can also taste them in our gin!

^Nihonsakari brewery, 1900s

A 130-year-old brewing tradition

In the millenary world of sake, Sakari is a barely 130-year-old startup. Its young founders wanted to build the future of Japanese society through sake, with study and collaboration.

The same spirit still moves us today. Since 1913 we have been official suppliers of the Imperial Household.

^ Shukugawa river

Distilled in Hyōgo, Japan

Our home region has long been a hot spot for sake. The land of the Hyōgo prefecture is blessed with the perfect rice and water that ensure the best quality of the final product.

Today, you can taste that same pure quality in our gin, named after the local Shukugawa river.

Shukugawa’s waters used to provide the power to polish the rice in the sake production process. In a homage to our beloved river - that is 4.1 km long - our gin comes at 41% ABV rather than 40%.

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